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New Study Suggests Shoulder Pain Can Be Indicative Of Heart Disease

A recent study released by the University of Utah illustrates that shoulder problems can emanate from injury, but that might not always be the case.  While shoulder problems can stem from repeated physical stressors, heart disease can also be a cause. The research behind this claim is based on a study of over 1200 laborers.  The team found that those who already had risk factors for heart disease, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes also showed risk for shoulder injury.  Some of these had more than one cardiac risk factor, and some of those with prior shoulder injury had subsequent shoulder injuries! The authors suggest that controlling the risk factors of heart disease may also help prevent this type of injury....that is certainly food for thought! You can read the original story behind this post by clicking here . Sources: Science Daily; Wikimedia

Prevent Chronic Pain--Prevent Type II Diabetes!

One of the best defenses we have against chronic pain, or any illness for that matter--is to know what the risk factors are and to do our best to eliminate as many risks as possible. There are some risk factors we really can't control--such as genetics. The good news is, there are many risk factors that can be controlled or eliminated. Type II diabetes is one example of the health conditions I am talking about here.  While diabetes is not a painful condition in and of itself, it can lead to the development of diabetic neuropathy . This condition leads to nerve damage due to elevated blood glucose levels over extended periods. There is a period of time prior to development of type II diabetes that is known as pre-diabetes. During the pre-diabetes period, timely management of risk factors such as hypertension, weight management, dietary modifications, etc. can halt the further development of this form of diabetes. For that reason, today I am sharing a link to a q