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Scrambling Isn't Just For Eggs!

An emerging form of treatment, known as "scrambler therapy" was introduced to the 2016 meeting of the American Pain Society.  This type of therapy, also known as Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment , seems to be useful for various forms or neuropathic pain, including neuropathic pain following cancer chemotherapy. This form of treatment involves using electrical stimulation to block nerve pain.  Treatments are given in cycles.  One cycle of treatment can produce remission for 10 days, 2 months, or even longer. If a patient's pain begins to re-emerge, another cycle of treatment can be initiated.  Study authors are also studying the possibility that other forms of chronic pain treatment may complement or enhance this new pain therapy. You can read more about scrambler therapy and the Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment by clicking here . Sources:; Pain Medicine News; Wikimedia