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Non Drug Pain Management Ideas: Coping with Lupus at night

By now, you have probably heard the expression,"Cold hands...warm heart." And for those of you with Lupus, it might just be more than that!  Raynaud's phenomenon, a painful vascular problem, is not unusual in people with Lupus disease.  If affected, the hands and other areas of the body (earlobes, for instance) experience circulatory changes due to stress or cold exposure.  Some ideas to combat the discomforts of Raynaud's include using insulated glasses when drinking cold drinks, or wearing gloves during colder weather to protect your hands from the elements. Gloves are also useful when you need to put food into/remove food from the freezer!

Diet is an important element of managing lupus, whether it is time for a snack or a meal. Eat plenty of
whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Lean meats are a good choice, but make an effort to include fish in your diet.  The omega-3 oils in some fish, such as salmon, help reduce inflammation and may be cardio-protective in …